The Rocket Cowboy

Rocket Cowboy

Howdy, I'm Charlie ... aka Rocket_Cowboy.

Starting in October of 2006, I sold my Honda ST1300 for a new BMW R1200RT motorcycle. SmugMug and my blog served to document the travels of me and my bike. Most pictures were taken back then were by a Sony Cybershot P9, as this is my primary camera for use on the bike (along with a trusty ole Kodak Polaroid 600).

In the 2009 timeframe, I replaced the Sony P9 with a Pentax Optio W60 in order to have a weatherproof camera on the bike for long distance motorcycle rallies. Fortunately, I bought two (one for a spare), because the spare is the only one still working, but it remains as my standard travel camera.

Just this year, in May of 2014, with the downsizing of my garage and getting rid of one of the motorcycles, I've decided to put my toes back into the photography hobby and upgrade my old Nikon N6006 35mm SLR with a new Nikon D5300 dSLR. I have high hopes and expectations, which should bring some new life to the SmugMug galleries.

Thanks for checking out my galleries!